about me

I think my love affair with color and texture started at an early age, when I used my mom's paper swatch books instead of standard-issue construction paper. Later, in high school, I blogged through the night, laid out the high school newspaper, and sketched my dream bedroom of the week instead of doing my geometry homework. I've been going to thrift stores before it was cool, watch HGTV until the station shuts off for the night, and get paid to hang out around offset presses all day.

Now, my skill set has caught up with my taste, and I'm able to produce something out of those creative thoughts that keep me up at night. Strong Creative brings together all my obsessions - graphic design, sewn gifts, marketing, and spray paint. Thanks for stopping by :)


Oh! Right. I had a home decor/craft/lifestyle (seriously with the titles) blog for a long time. I started it when we moved into our adorable rental, and I'm pretty sure my nesting tendencies made me more fertile. Once we were pregnant and welcomed little Delaney into the world, I was inspired by every single thing.

I'll keep Adorning Alabama as an archive (as long as Blogger will let me!)…catch up here.